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NURSE AIDE I PROGRAM CHECKLIST ALL Nurse Aide I student are required to submit the competed checklist with registration.

TRANSCRIPT REQUEST FORM ALL students are required to submit a official copy of the high school transcript or GED by the first day of class. 

HEP B VACCINE DECLINATION   Students must show proof of immunization to Hepatitis B by bringing an immunization record OR they may decline to receive the vaccine. For declining the vaccine, or until your health records can be located and submitted, the student must complete the form. Please include your age in the appropriate area.

CRIMMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK:  Required for Nurse Aide I students. Students are encouraged to complete the criminal background check one week prior to the first day of class. Students are required to use the contracted vendor FirstPoint.


REGISTRATION FORM  Students may select to print and complete this form for registration. Additional options include, registering via telephone or online registration. 

RELEASE OF INFORMATION FORM  Allows HTI  or the clinical site to view your background check.

 Please call 919-224-8081 to request information on the  "Tuition Payment Plan" option. 

PHOTO RELEASE FORM    Gives HTI permission to use photo of you  in advertising or marketing materials.


 2016 -2017 CATALOG  This catalog has been prepared to help you navigate the courses and programs Harris Training Institute offers.